Maybe this will help. Most of the stories that are written on Medium are bigger than they appear. Most of us found Medium through browsing and Google searches, right? There’s a lot of cultural relevance, media relevance, mainstream relevance, and current events that not just depict the writing many Medium writers are doing but what people are searching for. Lol the whole blogging era never really died, just got moved over. If you compare Poetry standings moreover to other cultural and news relevant standings then your going to get out compared, and hey I love poetry. Not to go conspicuous conspicuous but many of the media & news network don’t have and haven’t have poetry introduced to the public in ages, your quite fortunate just to get a televised episode based on poetry. But hey, these are all stories right? All you need is one poetic story impactful enough to change current events and then they’ll be more meaningful in our media and news relations.

On the more plus side, you do have notable stars like Rupi Kaur and many contemporary poets that are making headways. It’s very reasonable to start accommodating for poetry within the next 4 years for public streaming access by any means (media, television, subscriptions, news, etc) given that new media are starting to combat more contemporary issues. It’s just that though tech, body issues, and finding solutions for hurt emotions are more apparent even in the lesser streams of media (considering a take for bloggers), they’ve just been there as current event longer than poetry. The great part about Medium is that you can make your stories more impactful. You just may see the stream change because of a Medium article. A poetic one, perhaps.

Brandon (Leo) baby, known professionally as Member of regular. (body) edits hack & ugly. Bad poetry, the book. Flip'in cute. Cut up some slices. Arts 🛶 ⛽ 📴

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