Remember the stun— TV star actress iCarly Miranda Cosgrove? In the time it take for the push forward Y — combinator start-up community to gear in the Up Yippy Up and Away “FAKE" news media after Mark Zuckerberg 8 billion acquisition passing in profile to the easy said profession and vlog of occult-like accomplice (👿😈) this new edition of platishers wrinkling out the condo everyday shirt is abruptly the craze in fashion. Eye roll please. Let’s N-O-T dip the pen in ink and take a look!

One of the most notorious influencer slash celebrity because she’s that good with her own public relations isn’t in the mention of Kylie Jenner’s branding, but in the rural escape of leaning on the internet servicing of blogs to further their own cryptic hinds. Welcome to the world of Juliana Goddard who just revel into the world of NFT cryptocurrency. And here’s the faction: because of Art.

Before derailing from one industry into one of a similar kind, let’s remand that one of the latest top figures are music artists scoring double figures in the legit digital world of NFT. Some being of more diversity than talent. No need to stutter on the film reel or news flash, the new landscape is the notification. Haha 😅 that covid-19 you heard about was me just thumb wet swiping on the redactical bezels. “How much (many🕡)did he try? No need for emphasis.

One of the big aspect right now as I’m writing this is will I lose the factor of my grammarly or is there something that’s going to upset my next phrasing while I just find out that BTC overpass $60,000 in subsidized US standards.

The wake up call came when a lot of affluent people walked into steadily the low-code environment for Real Estate appraisal and Art Appreciation because the environment for steering technology was at a hoard with Google and Microsoft. Dare I say a wave of hand from Mark Zuckerberg?!

The congestion in my tone of manner is how will this new tummy rub appetite bring more of a blog-purpose to this needy internet forums? These aren’t just slabs but reels your very own interested reporters are working with. Their is no dilute to this method. Bring a water bottle to work and push out the content. The way I’ve seen it on my knees down, is that your jog and yoga are absent minded. These are the days of crawls from people on plank. I know its 2021 but when your on a headset in a MMORPG or RPG let alone even Mobile it’s just a term for get involved. I can’t lie about that.

These days are more easy grabbed. There’s some retort from a podcaster who’s always at the same window of the “pedestrian.” Not going to say the World doesn’t heavily need a The World App, but it’s plausible that the sums of media accusations were a typing point of rage.

With the Office of the Former President pivoted in West Palm Beach and a new class of unlike artist to gear and stear collar after the Covid, the muse is musically any other for the impediment to close in on the stage. The roads are rough. The sandwiches aren’t the same. And for NLP users and license marriage meals, your lucky if she says hi. But what does this speak of cleavage influencers?

In this stir 🕡📋 of influenza walking the board of Hollywood and the Mississippi line from where I’m 🖼️☎️ located, the case of the tipid in a case by brief use liquidate to extinct. It may even be hard for reporters to breathe while these heart for money and greed are lunging. That’s a perspective?

With the URL investopedia already in terms with a draft of Non-Fungible Token, the likes of a broad upset from heavy news use celebrity like Alex Rodriguez MLB star or Kim Kardashian mogul empire is the very text of this meaning. How did cryptocurrency turn to listening during the admit of everyone buying?

If you look at recent transverse elliptical graph these lines no longer refuge the exact meaning they were directed. It’s clear and steep that the motion is to carry. No longer the subsidy of polarizing demand made options of converting options to stock when the more linearity is at ease. That was the very direction many of these hidden yet humble anonymous figured directed.


Easy country right?

Just global. The whole WHO Organization. The entire Union. But not the virtuous choices. But that’s up to use. But the middle fingers. These Ah* thumbs are for licking. And making sure that Netflix password stays on.

The admission: it’s critical and acclaim but the field of being a celebrity had been observed as tough. Near rocket science perhaps. Just not a starry skies. Some of the work ethics inked into these dales and bonkers of a personality really bells the blondes back to a selfie. The newcomers on YouTube even gossip and bring to cryptic. But the US isn’t without Canada. The liking’s the tongue. And some of “us" want to squeeze yours and say “got it" first. What the NFT shows is how safe we were when all the digitizing were at accord. It no longer cypher the drill we used to heim our smiles and kept losses to bicycle into the secret clubs or town of our meetups. I still know peers of yours squaring today telling others of their like-companion how they had to squeal to get out of their trap-in-the-basement address. It’s not for a nose to dip in the loss story, but the persuasion furthers on.

The cannons are thrust with most of the temperature pointed away. Many critically acclaim artist who were mogul to the threads on Twitter or Photoshop are emptying out their throat to for once in their life actually appeal. The hardrive of our technology of computing is motored by genetics. How are these class of artist to seismically drawl in there work presumptuously virtuous but into the landscape of digital? By the same crawling around of the motherboard. “Auctions.” It’s not like ones mouth to stay open. You can be thin or slim away, but have a cigarette. 🚭

The lateral of auctions haven’t yet near succeed the emphasis of a Twitter thread, or the compatibility of outdoing it’s wages, but the fear of hand grabbing opportunity running away stippled into a jersey of this roster or the upcoming.

The liability falls onto the auctioneer who has been subtly replaced by tags and policies. The value of making money off of something like selling water bottle is near the founding mentorship of CharityWater a favorite donation subsidiary of many today found millennials and across-head herding members.

It’s just uncanny of a world where a proprietorship ask for your signature twice, an anonymous figure 🎨 of my West Palm Beach resident protest to me. The same reported goes to the many clicks it takes to drive this movement.

No matter the influence. No matter the celebration. In proven cases, no matter the cleric.

It’s yours

Brandon (Leo) baby, known professionally as Member of regular. (body) edits hack & ugly. Bad poetry, the book. Flip'in cute. Cut up some slices. Arts 🛶 ⛽ 📴

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