Billie Eilish is my Creative Inspiration

My thoughts and revision about the album — looking back

“Woah”. A sound simultaneously met by all music listeners of those who crossed the path of Billie Eilish. Her album proved to be more than the sound of music. It was near impossible to imagine someone like Frank Ocean, but once we did, the realization came that you just can’t class people. This is Animal Farm 2: The escape herds. WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?

The people are tired

Amidst of all the civic activities and political actions going on, Billie Eilish finds her way stealing the limelight with her and Trump being the top two media figures of today, 2019. Every interview brings the audience more questions and more questions. There seems to be more than the picture. Even celebrities are curious. They fathom her. Everyone wants to know more. Well, as I don’t have the luxury of going out and questioning her, I do have the depth of her album. The precise evaluation. Who would have thought that a 17-year-old girl made it big, wider than Broadway and gave Hollywood some density? Yes, your perspective and world changes after listening to the album.


“My Invisalign has finally [laughs] — ”

Why? Why share this with us? Everyone knows pretty people have nice teeth. For the most part at least. This has nothing to do with her bodily aesthetics right now. It has everything to do with her sharing her work. Just some 14 seconds, you get a sense of the personality that makes-up all of her featured work on the album. This first 14 seconds of the album is the piloting centre. The spherical disc every listener obtains to get a sense of who Billie Eilish is. A moving abstractionism, very familiar in lyrical songs because of the capabilities of vocals.

You must excuse the answer to whom the album is for. That sensitivity is not a strong proponent of the album and not always a requisite. It’s very contradictive to its strong narrative scheme. She even goes the length of introducing her as the bad guy, still, her work is like a leather jacket. A leather jacket? The likes of A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), where bad is good and good is bad. She concretes the formality of her work by stating to not ask questions and then continue off. Just as all great leaders, Napoleon Bonapartes, and Machiavellis before us, those of great strength have a great number of emotions to amass men. Winston Churchill included. In times of great men, nobody asks who the strength is for. They equip it, rather quickly. That’s why Billie Eilish doesn’t believe you’re the bad guy. Not even the people incarcerated. Why? there’s a good reason for it. The world is an awful candour and its current state is vogue. Matchmaking for another stoic history. She knows first she needs to be the bad guy, but if she can reach it by ineptitude to be cynical, then she can be one of those great men. Not just tomboyish. Let it be known, What she states in her album and breach with her media appearances, you can consider it a job well done. Its nearly impossible to have let go any attention of her, and yet here we are.


Understand that she integrates narrative in a cynical form. By far one of the best I’ve seen in all forms of media. She can rather play eloquently all demeanour of presumably who is speaking. It is not for you to take her stance on what she stands for. Rather, it is to relate to the current stance. Media in its foreign days of puppeteering and the separation of images and culture allowed and accustom the same method of depiction Billie Eilish did with her album. But with the introduction of newer technology, newer story, it became quite clear: every story is a famine. It can be said we’ve reached the end of the world with media, but not the earth. Desires, not much far apart.

Given the conjunction of media and culture combining, a reference to a parental guidance outside the familiar atmosphere is an institution. An institution doesn’t have to be a device or a period, proven by rather radical and comprehensive people. This need for parental guidance comes due to man’s questioning and where they have been brought led, but Billie Eilish abstains from that fact. She takes on that role because clerically her narrative already has a mannerism to it. It’s the bad friend that gets you to do anything. The parent trap: you either do what your parents say, you say, or someone else says, but you’re not going to get far being deviant without ignoring.

Why would Billie Eilish move in such a form that allows not a bad guy to be apprehended? Especially when there’s so much of them roaming around the citadel of life. If it isn’t obvious now, then you are due under the most cyclical of harm. Because they’re so much fun. They’re the criminal who proves that bad is good and good is bad. They’re the criminal who proves that you need disruption to improve. They’re also the criminal who takes the fall because they wouldn’t change for anything of the world. Why? When they can so easily create their own. Billie Eilish entire work is at the point of magic with so much comprehension working itself it comes to ask that maybe you are being appropriated and understood.


Throughout her songs, she underlays baselines of her stances. It’s a need meted for conscious listening that doesn’t follow the order of the tracklist, but of the listener itself. You’re a good person if you’re not antisocial.

“What is it about them?”

In Xanny, Billie Eilish takes on the cafeteria personnel of someone eating alone being conspicuous with their eyes. All to define her bad poetry. She’s allowing you to hear her be clarity clear that of what her stance depicts of good people. The good people who follow the rules or follow the norms. The people who seem to never get hurt. Their lives, almost so perfect. If only they know that their machinery of faculties was only a disguise because the bad guy DID get to them first. As she solidifies, All the good girls go to hell. You, think you’re so good? Then I can assure you, in this interdependent society, your problems are other people problems. You were just good enough to be the revolver.

Good people don’t have problems of their own. They’re too anti-meticulous in their design that they still get the same results as if they pay attention to detail. Theirs no clear line, here. It’s rather a societal disc that just spins and spins because your attention is all that matters.

That’s how problems are solved anyway.


Drug is change

Bad is good, and good is bad. Everyone does something bad. I’ve seen saints unified but there’s a world of trouble out there, always. Really, it can be hard to find enjoyable people to be with. That’s why some people would need a Xanny or to base their group of friends to take a recreational drug on the footsteps of boredom because they know they can get them back. Most people take drugs anyway legally or recreationally based on their aptitude of ability to facilitate enjoyable friends. It’s the harsh truth everyone never wants to come across. Those who meagerly make it will just be reminded. Those who don’t are already comforted by the pain of their meekness inheritance. I’d rather submit to both, at times, so I can at least understand what the other person is going through. So did Billie Eilish.

People who can’t stop talking just needs someone to be there. We all make amends for, towards, and at loss, towards the Napoleon psych Complex. It’s a particle of our social fabric. What great men left us.


6. Wish you were gay & 7. When the party’s over

Some of your most notable social artists are Lorde, Tove Lo, and Post Malone. Billie Eilish annihilates all of them because great art just happens to be social. It’s a work of “zero” when it meets “one” and it just recreates itself. Like when you listened to the album.

This also happens to be the case for Recreational Friends to social friends. Who’s the good guy? and Who’s the bad guy? Some, the recreational friend, let this question slip away because it’s too moral. Others focus on it and can’t get too far from it, It’s true, some people need a cleaver just to have a good time. It’s life. We’re all different. At times I can be a natural party pooper. But there’s been times where I’m just explosive with energy and everyone knows how to catch it. It’s called energy.

Certainly, Billie Eilish leaves a baseline for her recreational friends. Not just her social friends although she took on the perspective beautifully of an outsider. I consider it an abuse of drama when all you do to it is to form norms. Some so transparent they just fade away, and at times waiting like a grenade to be apprehended. For recreational purposes, the others (sometimes people), at times, is always on the mind. It’s just a natural understanding of life. We just all grew up different and under different cultures. Recreational friends know how to maintain a cleaver on their social friends. They have to because 99% of the times social friends don’t care if they’re bored. They care about fitting in. But everyone, even if unadmitted, likes a good time. Let’s let the good time roll.


As all western social artist tend to do, Billie Eilish artwork of an album is just an update towards Western man’s stoicism. Truth be told, stoicism is a reminder to a religious cause. The apathy of Romans and their grotesque baroque movement that made them alive. Right after the Greeks? Merely a coincidence, or so it be not. Majestically, as a ballerina, Billie Eilish parades the revolver without getting shot, unless it was the doing of the album that made it so. It is because of the invisible belief that virtues are the only good that we keep on living and not sleep as the animals before us. It’s our path to happiness, a western philosophy developed from the death of Alexander the Great to the emergence of the Roman empire, aka our current social slate. It’s been more than quite some time and we made sure of it for the brave, the bold, the slavic, the graceful, the doubtful, the anxious, the unhappy, and even the meek can enjoy a zestful life. It can be left unsaid that social artist is a necessity for the good and the bad. Even for the devil inside Billie Eilish.


Our eyelids are the first mirror with the resolution coming to day. With the sunlight at your eyes, you can nearly see the reflection closed. Some people would be surprised by the energy of emotion. You can get the joy of a good thing or a bad thing, but to tell someone how would mend a bit their recreational experience. It’s best to let a friend nudge to do so, they can deal with the abruption. Even if it is for their own sake, as friends, we wish you the other were happy.

At times it may be impossible and call for the devil’s work. Not talking about drugs. What’s the devil’s work? Taking on other people’s problems. It’s being a social artist. A self-sacrifice to let others live through you. It’s all the awful work from a visual artist that seemed so calm and meticulous to elsewhere. It’s a lack of explanation for an interest. As a recreational person, there’s a certain hate that when people ask, but if it’s for someone’s good, then know it’s because they want to make you feel okay even if you look the other way.

For the most part, Billie Eilish’s album can be looked at with half of the revolver as social friends and the other half as recreational friends, but never forget the one outsider. A biopic surrounding Mac Miller and the song Weekend, but that’s for another time.

Billie EIlish and her iconic Blosh figure

Why are deliverance and the devil met in aptitude with the recreational people? Because someone has to heal them without asking. Someone has to smoke the devil lettuce. Someone has to pinch their nose to “Kurt Cobain” for that one small mistake. Even the nectar has to flow for all the reasons. Because perfection was here first and every day as a sacrifice feels like an obstruction of justice. To be awfully honest, some recreational people heal at a rate they work or even more. That’s amazing and should be kept secret. Me: Oops. But some still want the lettuce in their salad. Just because “it” was there.

One can be enough or too many


As a social artist, no matter the medium, they have their way of entering limelight and then disapperaing. The do so for the cause, very apathetically. Even for the unknown, tagged along with the devil, they too have a stance, no matter what it may be.

grown from the work or leaving the sheer masquarade

My stance as a blogger: Listen to Kendrick Lamar. Give up control. Trust in society. Most importantly, sleep well. Even if you are to keep wake at night.

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