emphaism in Today World

Suppose for a mere instance I were to reduce you to a state of intelligence. Some acknowledge the belief that they are already there. That you could not be, but rather just look, as your world plays out. Captivated by your own trance, with half of you conscious and the other half residing where the elements of the world are exposed. All elements do cause changes upon course. Fear little, we are but looking through a looking glass. A window perhaps. Where all your actions do play out as you wish. Omitted. You didn’t wish for anything. You are merely…

Unfortunately, no. But cool party scene #onthemap #DISPO

My ideal IO evernote on Steve Jobs

A personal covid on Steve Jobs.

I’m writing titles. Not because it’s a job. Because it’s a sport. Taking my iPod into gym class was so ideal to me, some of those sparks hit on Twitter as I spark.

The whole purpose of things fell onto me as a child. As a pupil there was some dilute between lukewarm weather and the vast landscape of atmosphere. Phonetically the sky.

If escape us. Sometimes (the mean to fall). To land on our higher chance of surviving even if it doesn’t call for it. In my wallet is that a question? …

It’s true. One misrepresented of a media is the sentencing of another. How I plan to dispose of it (educate)1

White Cube.(gloss)✨🌟💫


What you need to know. Not NFT.

So you heard.


A big window

Or a newly minted legacy. A titled of the album stint. Reduce ¡Exclamation. Listening pleasure and chaps lips. Propane does the chopsticks.

Fugul ninja have you fetch the declaration of war, marinated is it? Listen up, it’s who’s submit, unlike the submission. For these channels of course. Adór.


And… .

Little engine

And… .


And… .

Nimb window

Many have the right to remain violet besides boycott chains. Dressed like a jet high with Oscar admires. Fathomly, scruttle…

Remember the stun— TV star actress iCarly Miranda Cosgrove? In the time it take for the push forward Y — combinator start-up community to gear in the Up Yippy Up and Away “FAKE" news media after Mark Zuckerberg 8 billion acquisition passing in profile to the easy said profession and vlog of occult-like accomplice (👿😈) this new edition of platishers wrinkling out the condo everyday shirt is abruptly the craze in fashion. Eye roll please. Let’s N-O-T dip the pen in ink and take a look!

One of the most notorious influencer slash celebrity because she’s that good with her…

People Don’t Search for Hardship No More

Pieces printed cold. Cut in cold Spirit. A press left with the fridge doors open. Its midst air. Love isn’t easy when it’s not my way. Like a novel. Stiff and worry. Similar to as I do right now. Leaving with the fridge doors open. Wait! A labyrinth lonely along clouds shred of dust turning gray. The Truth: becoming hard to swallow. Unable…I can’t see tomorrow. Swearing better off, I’m lonely as the feet goes together and the fridge cans in. Gas blasting trusting fixture to the light. Ideals becoming small. Don’t blame me. No curls to the cut in…

Change actually look like these classic. Judge over a period of time comedic. Penned commodity comedy show. A school subject that involves plateau literature. The plural version of Peninsula. The Elysium Contract.

This landform of ours surrounded by water is initially separate. An honor temperate(d). This connection is blessed to God. An Odysseus adventure. Does Christ in Elysium make Men a victim of Enmity? The state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something. Not without hospitality. Men & His Chapters in Columns and Relic (rows). Cherish is the cherub tree which sprouts the first raven…

i.e. chitchat 🐠🐧Never along remember 🧧🌟 wpflag

Brandon (Leo) baby, known professionally as Member of regular. (body) edits hack & ugly. Bad poetry, the book. Flip'in cute. Cut up some slices. Arts 🛶 ⛽ 📴

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