emphaism in Today World

Suppose for a mere instance I were to reduce you to a state of intelligence. Some acknowledge the belief that they are already there. That you could not be, but rather just look, as your world plays out. Captivated by your own trance, with half of you conscious and the other half residing where the elements of the world are exposed. All elements do cause changes upon course. Fear little, we are but looking through a looking glass. A window perhaps. Where all your actions do play out as you wish. Omitted. You didn’t wish for anything. You are merely…

The day before Earth Day


I sit there quietly. That’s all I can remember. Prior to my exploration of the bid day. The fact. The one to remember.

Its called thunder. Then again imagine. The solicitation of text at the quill of hope where one shed aught to be. Really just the season.

Little alone a damsel in a bigger bang theory. The instance a sex of background noise smite amongst the grapple. Footprints appearing on sidewalk. Then I meant everywhere. Where art the tabernacles ?

The step fouls. I clinch for more, but rather easily become distress. I cling for more. Then strength appear…

My gift to you
If I do something I don’t know
My will comes and save me

You are my touch. Skin-on-skin. Exctasy exclam. Love, how I gave you time. Jordan Suaste, thought*, when he trusted you is not bone in Oracle Culture. Pick up your culprit:expense

📋That if we all ate the same meals and did the same workouts, we still have different bodies 📴

⬛⬜🗽 what’s your run-ons on Genshin Impact?


i.e. chitchat 🐠🐧Never along remember 🧧🌟 wpflag

Brandon (Leo) baby, known professionally as Member of regular. (body) edits hack & ugly. Bad poetry, the book. Flip'in cute. Cut up some slices. Arts 🛶

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